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PISCES - Zodiac Counted Needlepoint Kit

Sweet Pisces is a dreamer who, when left alone, can enjoy manifesting many ideas from their incredible imagination. They are natural storytellers, designers, actors and inventors, and combine their skills with a wicked sense of humour. Pisces loves change and, like the swimming fish that represent this sign, they can?t stay still for long. They can make money and lose it just as easily. They want instruction, but also personal freedom. They want to talk about deep and mystical things and then get fed up and want to change the mood. They want you close and at arms length at the same time. It?s very confusing being a Pisces and also being with a Pisces! Most of the time, Pisces choose to bottle their true feelings and just try to pass as ?normal?! Don?t be fooled by the facade, however, they run very deep! Allow the Piscean in your life the space to swim and they?ll love you for it. When it comes down to it, Pisces are very caring and loving individuals who just need that space and acceptance to flit, change and be the wonderfully eccentric people they are.

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